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Alchemy Stars Beginner’s Guide

Mobile gamers are often looking for a tactical RPG that combines action and vibrato in one package. Tencent Games, one of the best emulators, has partnered with Tourdog Studio in China to create an amazing experience for all gamers.

However, there will be difficulties for new players and we have a beginner’s guide to start the game itself. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.
Start with the basics:

First, let’s discuss the basics of the game to help you as a beginner. Alchemy Stars is a magic and science game in which different characters and players must fend for themselves. You can also defeat enemies with friends or allies.

Since this is a gashapon game, nothing is overly complicated; there is a simple command that activates the attack and then deals damage to the enemy. In short, the player must choose an Auror to attack the enemy. The strength of the attack increases as the number of tiles of the same color increases and the combo becomes longer.

There are four colors in total, each representing an element, but the problem is that they are placed separately/randomly. So you have to strategize to do the most damage while minimizing the damage.

Also, we recommend that you learn everything about ancient seals and re-scrolls, it will help you a lot in your progress.

Game currency and store
Most newbies are unaware of the existence of in-game currency. There are a total of two currencies in the game:

This is the most basic currency in the game, obtained through Auror gifts, clearing levels, daily tasks, login rewards, and even dormitories. It is available throughout the game and can be obtained in a number of ways. If you make about 300 lumambers, you now have about one star flare. Also, the star torch represents the train.


Now let’s talk about the Star Torch, which is the game’s premium currency, obtained through login rewards, store, chapter rewards, and even boss fights. As mentioned, Lummmbers can be converted to Star Flares.

Like currency, there is a Gacha shop in the game where you can buy various items, including star torches. When replacing 3k text clips, there may be two star flares.

It can be accessed through the in-game secret shop tab and exchange snippets of text about secret territories. The best advice here is to never be afraid to trade 300 Lumambers for Prisms. It’s given because you can improve your in-game stats.

Skill Type
There are three kinds of abilities in the game: chain ability, preventive ability or active ability, and equipment ability. You can read on to learn more about them.

Ability to use equipment
Equipped skills are passive skills that can increase your defense, increase the direct effect of the skill, or increase damage.

chain technology
A chain skill is a tile skill that grants specific buffs after each combination in the game based on the tile color combination.

Active ability
These are manual skills, not automatic. During battle, you must activate them yourself. Prevention skills are paramount, going beyond chain and gear skills.

Gold element:
There are about 80 Aurorian characters, each with their own unique elements. These elements will represent forests, fire, thunder and water, among others. Just like in real life, each element is diametrically opposed to the other in some way, eg B. Water and Fire.

Yellow has a good balance between flexibility and DPS, and deals damage through ranged skills. If you’re a beginner, Thunder is a great place to start.

These elements are completely free and have a wide range of applications. This element gives you three very powerful characters early in the game, and it’s also easy to fight against fire, which is an integral part of most bosses.


Forest Green:
It’s a fairly unique element, and characters with forest elements can be overwhelming. Your character will get stronger in terms of mobility, but these elements are not for you as a beginner.

Since the fire element itself is powerful, this is a powerful element that provides more DPS and stronger attack power. Although the character will have an incredible AOE from the start. So, as a beginner, these elements work well.

Tips and tricks for newbies:
Beginners often lack gaming experience and their decisions are made without prior knowledge. Here are some beginner tips and tricks to help you get your first steps right.


Choose the correct project:
The strength of the team is determined by the selected elements. Choosing a single project for a team rather than multiple projects is probably the best tip. Water and thunder are the best options for beginners, but fire is also a good option. For newcomers, however, the forest is not the best option.

Best Team Roles:
On the other hand, Aurorians also have the role of support, converter, sniper or detonator. So, there are multiple characters to choose from in the game, and the best strategy is to fill them all. Make sure your team has support, damage, and switching roles, as well as slots to fill later.

Treatment and polishing are done with support
The converter is responsible for changing the color of the tiles.
The igniter is responsible for the damage.
Snipers can inflict serious damage even at long distances.
Add tiles:
Connecting adjacent tiles will deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies in one turn. If you connect about 15 of these tiles, aurora time will appear, which will allow you to defeat enemies faster. This activation allows you to take turns regardless of the number of turns.

Free bonus collection:
For newbies, this game is perfect for you as you will receive free rewards every day. These rewards will be very useful as a beginner progresses, but the problem is that you have to collect them, not earn them. Therefore, you must claim them as soon as possible.

Selection of secondary team elements:
To a certain extent, you’ll go through a process of being assigned to a dual team and then fighting the boss stage. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the second team by counter-attacking in the first-team counter-attack.

For example, if your first team has fire and the opposing team has water, you should create thunder for your second team to fight the enemy.

Don’t forget to check out the Alchemy Stars rankings to make sure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

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