Lilac Cookie

Lilac Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Does our Clove Cookie Topping Build include the best toppings for clove cookies? Continue reading Clove Cookie Making Toppings!

Make the purple cookie topping.

Clove Cookie Ingredients Build ⇓
Clove cookies for topping;

X5 Swift Chocolate reduces CD (recommended) or
X5 Solid Almonds for DMG Resist

The best Clove Cookie topping set in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the X5 Swift Chocolate, which reduces the Clove Cookie skill cooldown, allowing you to use the skill quickly – which increases the skill’s ATK DMG. Another alternative combo to Lilac Cookie Toppings is the X5 Solid Almond, which increases Lilac’s DMG resistance stat. We recommend building with the X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings CD.

Clove Cookie Ingredient Build: Skill Info ⇓
Lilac Cookie threw his flywheel several times over some time. Impress allies with graceful moves and gain increased regular attack DMG based on their ATK SPD boost rate.
X13 Second Base CD
Single hit DMG: 105.0% (+1.45% DMG per level)
Periodic Attack DMG Boost: For every 1.0% increase in ATK SPD Boost rate, deal extra damage equal to Cookie ATK 0.4%

Clove Cookie Ingredients: The Story ⇓
Clove leaves are one of the main ingredients in love potions. Sprinkle the chopped pieces of these petals into the batter and bake in the hot desert sun. Lilac Cookie came out from behind the dark veil, and just moments before his unsuspecting foe took his last breath, a wisp of petals appeared. The clove cookie lures its targets with an irresistible scent and uses its sharp chakras to quickly deliver them to their destination, leaving no trace or sound. Just a few purple petals on the ground…and the lingering but soothing scent of lilac flowers in the air.

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