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State of Survival Biocaps: How To Earn Biocaps?

Biocap is the premium in-game currency in the State of Survival: Zombie War. Continue reading about Survival State Biocapsules – How To Make Money For Free.

Like most other games, the State of Survival game has a premium in-game currency, the Biocap. You can use biocaps to complete builds, upgrade instantly, or fulfill other needs such as resources, premium items, etc. But unlike other resources, biocaps are hard to come by – in today’s post, we have all the ways to get them, sharing the survival status of biocaps. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Follow the community to get 500 Biocaps⇓
State of Survival Biocaps You can follow State of Survival on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord and get up to 500 Biocaps for free. While in-game, click the Events button in the upper right corner of the game screen. On the Featured Events tab, go to the last banner. Click on the flag, and it will take you to the community page, where you can follow the official page on FB and Insta and join the chat in Discord.

Another reason to follow the community is that now and then, they post gift codes or redemption codes there for special occasions. In the community menu, tap any social media icon -> Join/Follow -> go back to the community screen and get 500 biocapsules for free.

Check email ⇓
Survival Status Biocaps developers often provide Biocaps for free as maintenance rewards. Click the mail button in the lower right corner -> System -> to view compensation rewards. Players get bogged down by glitches or bugs, and developers give compensatory tips. So make sure you claim these rewards (if any) – as they have an expiration date.

Using State of Survival Biocaps Incubators⇓
Click on Research Labs -> Incubators. You can invest and grow Biocaps there. Multiple growth plans to choose from – the longer the term, the higher the return. For example, if you invest 800 biocaps in a 15-day plan, you will receive 960 biocaps at maturity. You can withdraw anytime, but you will not receive additional biocapsules until the program deadline.

Complete Intel Publishing Tasks ⇓
State of Survival BiocapsIntel Post has over 12 missions from which you can earn hundreds of biocaps without spending real money. Click on Intel Post building -> Intel Tasks -> Click on the task to view the rewards. In most Intel missions, you must defeat hordes of zombies. So focus on completing these State of Survival Biocaps intelligence missions.

From Daily Tasks ⇓
State of Survival Biocaps By completing all daily quests, you can get over six chests. These chests can gain speedups, governor points, skill books, and more. Get the first treasure chest after collecting 40 event points. This small chest contains 71 Biocaps, Boosts, and Governor Credits. So make sure to complete your daily tasks.

Watch the event ⇓
Must join Free Biocapsule Alliance. You can earn hundreds of biocaps during the Alliance Throwdown event. Also, from rapid growth events. Complete event tasks, level up and get the highest rewards.

So that’s what this article on the living state creature hat is all about.

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