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The Walking Dead Survivors Buildings Guide

You will keep building in the walking dead survivor game. Each building is unique and will benefit you. In The Walking Dead Survivor, not all buildings are initially available to you, but over time you can unlock them by upgrading the Town Hall.

As you level up the Town Hall, new territories will appear within your base, and new buildings will be available for you to explore. After exploring, you must fight Walker to gain control of the area.

If you are a new player, it can be difficult to pass, but if you have more power and the best survivors, you can pass quickly. Once you destroy the wanderers in the area, you can take control of the building and start repairing and upgrading it.

Resource construction
Resources for Building The Walking Dead Survivor
Once you clear the area and upgrade your town hall, you can build various resources and structures. Once you start building resources, your production increases, and the more you upgrade them, the more resources you get per hour.

Farm – A farm is a structure that produces food that you can use for almost anything. If you have more farms, you can produce more food. Also, you can build a vegetable barn to protect your resources from enemies.


Wood – Another resource you will need to produce buildings is wood buildings. You will almost always use the wood he produces. You can set up wood storage to protect your wood.

Well, it’s a building that increases weather production. You can build a water tower to protect the water.

Butcher Shop – Meat required for troop training is produced at the Butcher Shop. You can build a meat cabinet to protect meat from attackers.

Gun Shop – This is a key structure for producing bullets. As you level it up, the amount of bullets it produces increases. You can build a dealer to protect your orbs from attack. You can buy some great items from the merchants you can find there. Depending on your needs, you should decide what to buy from merchants, but avoid buying resource items as they are not worth it.

battle building
battle building
You can build many different military structures. You can train units that can be used in battle. After you upgrade your survivors to level 12, you can place them in military buildings for better training. Essentially, it speeds up training, so it’s important to put survivors in it.

Another way to increase education is to build housing. Each housing upgrade speeds up troop training. Military structures include stables, police stations, and fire stations.

A watchtower is a structure that collects information about it. Watchtowers are structures that collect information about you. You can now see who is attacking you and what units are attacking you, which is awesome. As your watchtowers level up, you’ll learn more about the attackers.

‘The Walking Dead’ Hospital Survivor

One of the most important buildings in The Walking Dead: Survivor is the hospital. The number of deployed troops you can pick up and the healing time increase with each hospital upgrade. Always keep an eye on the hospital during combat, because once it fills up, your wounded soldiers will start dying.

Watchtower and walls
The defense of your base is provided by watchtowers and wall structures. They strengthen the defenses around your base and damage all attackers. So make sure to update it as much as possible. Don’t forget to put survivors in it to increase the defense and damage of the base.

Discovery Camp
A structure called an Exploration Camp allows you to send survivors to search the map. You can find some great free bonuses by searching the map, and you can also explore enemy cities to see what types of units they have there. To increase the speed of exploration, all you have to do is increase the level of the exploration camp.

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