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The Walking Dead Survivors Clan Guide and Clan Ranks

The Walking Dead Survivor Tribe is a feature that adds fun and complexity to the game. Joining a clan gives you numerous benefits and new mechanics. In The Walking Dead: Survivor, one of the main reasons you should join a clan as soon as possible is so you can progress faster than without a clan.

This is because you get a lot of buffs that increase your production, research buildings, and the amount of free rewards you get in your clan. Joining an active clan full of donors is the most important thing because every time a member buys a pack in the in-game store, the entire alliance gets an extra chest that can be opened.

These chests can contain valuable items such as rubies that will greatly help you progress. If you need more free items, use the Walking Dead Survivor redemption code. Before using free items, be sure to check out The Walking Dead Survivor Rankings so you know which survivors to invest in.

The benefits of joining a tribe
The Benefits of Joining a Clan in The Walking Dead Survivor

You will fight enemies together and greatly increase your chances of winning. Clan members can reduce the time it takes to build and heal troops by using the Clan Base Help option. Clan members can send you resources, and your production will increase based on the size and composition of the clan.

There is also a tribe shop where you can buy special items. Additionally, many events require affiliates to earn rewards.

How to join a clan in The Walking Dead Survivor?
Joining a clan in The Walking Dead: Survivor is relatively easy and straightforward. You can find the Clan button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you click on it, you will see a list of all available clans on the server, sorted by their strength. After deciding which team to join, you need to apply and wait for approval.

Tribal Shop and Tribal Points
Tribal Shop and Tribal Points The Walking Dead Survivor

Your tribe has shops where you can buy different types of items. Tribal officials must spend Tribal Points to add these items to the store. Clan Points in The Walking Dead: Survivor are earned by completing various quests, all focused on the development of your clan. The great thing about Clan Points is that there is no limit to the number of points you can earn each day. This way your clan can collect crazy points.

The tasks for which you can earn Guild Points are:

Donate Resources for Alliance Research
help build buildings
Use the “Help” button to help your clan members build buildings and reduce unit healing time.
Participate in events that offer affiliate points as a reward.
solo point
Solo Point The Walking Dead Survivor
In The Walking Dead Survivor, Personal Points are used to purchase items in the Tribal Shop. There are many unique items that can be purchased with Solo Points, but they can be difficult to obtain. This is because you can only earn 20,000 Solo points per day. So make sure you don’t waste them on bad items that don’t give you any value (like resource boosts).


You can earn Solo Points by completing simple tasks such as B. Donating Quiet Tech, helping build clan buildings and healing alliance members’ troops.

clan rank
There are five different ranks of members within the clan. Most clan management and options are available to R4 officers and R5 clan leaders. To become a clan leader now, you must create a clan or have the current leader grant you leadership. If you want to become an R4 officer, you must be an experienced and valuable member of your clan. After that, the patriarch will decide if you are eligible to be the patriarch. Remember that the number of tribal officials is limited.

Create a clan
Creating a clan is relatively easy. The only requirement to form a clan is 100 rupees. If you are already a member of a clan, you must leave it to create a new clan. The problem with creating a clan in The Walking Dead: Survivor is that if the game is free, most players won’t join, and your clan will be destroyed by a rival clan that gets paid for winning. Also, running a successful clan can be time-consuming. So if you’re short on time, it’s best to join an already existing clan.

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