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The Walking Dead Survivors Kill Event Guide

One of the funniest but most dangerous events in The Walking Dead Survivor is the killing. In killing events, you can destroy enemy troops to gain points and get better rewards. Knowing how to defend is important because one of the problems with Kill Events is that many low powered players get attacked and destroyed by bigger players. Also, learning how to increase your kill event points is important if you want to get all the awesome rewards.

How to protect your troops during a killing
Most players in The Walking Dead Survivor will attack players with level 7 troops in the kill event. The reason for this is that they give the most points and you don’t lose many troops in the process. Be careful if you are a level 7 player.

The first thing you can do during a killing event is to protect yourself by sending your troops to horde outposts that are inaccessible to the enemy.

You can also send your troops to collect resources on clan territory. The reason for this is that your troops get a shield when farming in alliance territory. However, you have to be careful as enemies may attack you once the shield is dropped.


The best defense is to invest resources in shields and use them throughout the kill. This is the best, especially if you are a small player who can be easily destroyed.

How to get more kill event points in The Walking Dead Survivor
How to get more kill event points in The Walking Dead Survivor

In The Walking Dead: Survivor, there are several ways to increase your kill event points. The first thing you can do is attack bases with lower power. Although you will lose some soldiers, you will gain a lot of points. Just make sure the player quits the game.

Exchange points with your friends. You can exchange kill points with your friends by attacking each other. This can get very expensive, but it’s a great way to go if you need more points to get first place.

Hack your farm account – If you have a farm account in The Walking Dead Survivor, you can hack it. This can also be very expensive in terms of resources. You’ll have an easier time doing this if you play on both the farm and the main account.

Attacking farmers is undoubtedly the most effective way to score points in killings. Unusually, you can easily destroy farm units without losing many soldiers. Just make sure your server allows it and you are using the best survivor in the game.

If you’re a new player, it’s best to stay away from killing events, as you won’t have a chance to face old players and players who spend money in the game.

Also, if you’re playing for free and want to win a kill event, you’ll have to wait a few months to use all the resources and boosts before you can get 1st place. Even so, beating pay-to-win players remains a challenge. When participating in killings, always make sure your hospital is empty and you have enough resources to heal them. If you need other resources, make sure to use all the walking dead survivor codes.

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